What the Experts are Saying About Protecting the Brain While Treating the Heart...

“Over the next 10 years, TAVR procedures are expected to increase fourfold. It is therefore critically important that we have an embolic protection device that will reduce the high frequency of embolic events.” 
Darren Mylotte, M.D.

University Hospital Galway

“Clinically detectable strokes are only a small fraction of embolic events that occur in TAVR and may have adverse long-term effects on brain function. No doubt, we need a simple yet effective way to protect the brain during TAVR.”
Nikos Werner, M.D.

University Hospital Bonn

How ProtEmbo Works

“The low-profile access of the ProtEmbo via the left radial artery is an ideal access route. This device combines what is needed for TAVR: a simple, fast and smooth way to protect the brain, while not interfering with the valve implantation.”
Ulrich Schäfer, M.D.

University Hospital Hamburg

CAUTION: The ProtEmbo Cerebral Protection System is approved for investigational use in Europe.    ​​

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